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  • Those who care for business growth work with inventive thought leaders to take their ideas to a new level. Ingenious Tech is the right platform to get high performance, profit deriving and custom mobile apps. With our highly advanced techniques we make brands gain excellence. We convert various app ideas into consistent revenue generating ones thereby leading to profit.

    We believe in the power of smooth two way communication hence we welcome your ideas to share with our mobile app development SMEs where we listen, research, guide and develop your business aspirations to escalate greater heights.

  • Mobile Applications

    The most significant value add to your brand is custom mobile application development focused on consumers, team members, associates or stakeholders of your brand. We collaborate cross-platform mobile application development and UI/UX capabilities which allow us to create powerful and intuitive B2B and B2C applications that address the needs of your target audience. Although we are experienced in mobile application development for Windows Phone, Android and iOS platforms using native as well as HTML5 technologies, our expertise goes beyond these platforms.

  • Enterprise Mobility

    In today's world of sharing information the number of professionals using their mobile devices for internet is growing many fold in recent years. Hence the need and ability to provide web-based services on the mobile platform becomes extremely important and necessary. We integrate a variety of services onto the mobile platform without tempering the original features and ensuring security.

  • Domains

    • Enterprise Mobility
    • Mobile Education
    • Location-based Solutions
    • Mobile Entertainment
    • Mobile Commerce
    • Field Force Management
    • Mobile Healthcare

  • Services

    • Native application Development - Windows, Android, IOS
    • Phone Gap / Xamrian
    • HTML 5 Mobile application development